Insta Inspo✨

So, whenever I need an outfit and I can’t find what look I’m trying to go for, the first thing I will do is go to Instagram to see if I can get any ideas. There are a few pages I follow that inspire me in terms of fashion, which changes depending on the occasion or just my overall mood. These are my top five pages that I fuck with because they help get my creative juices flowing and inspire me in a lot of different ways.

  1. @indialove

I came to know about India Westbrook because she used to be really popular on Tumblr back before Instagram was a thing. Then once I started using Instagram she became one of my main sources for inspiration, one reason being that a lot of her outfits consist of dresses and skirts paired with trainers which is what I like to wear most of the time when I go out. Going to University in the Midlands means that a lot of the time no heels to a party isn’t a requirement so trainers are like a staple item of clothing for me.

Obviously, at some point, I believe I will grow up and start wearing heels because I can’t be 20 walking in heels looking like I’ve broken my ankle on some Bambi shit.

But one of the most important things to me when I’m putting an outfit together is that I’m comfortable and heels do not scream comfort to me.

Another thing I like about India is that she wears a lot of colours which goes for her hair as well as her outfits. I feel like sometimes black can get bit a boring and I’m a big fan of colour co-ordination so more often than not at least two items of my outfit will match or at least co-ordinate in colour. Right now, she’s on tour with the Black Eyed Peas and if you scroll through her Instagram you can see how her style has developed as well as her whole career. She was literally a model so you wouldn’t think that she would get signed by Will I Am and within a year be performing on the same stage as him but it just goes to show that anything is possible.

Even though she follows trends she styles her outfits in a way that make them her own, she’s also really good at mixing it up so sometimes, she’ll have a more casual boyish style and then sometimes it’s a bit more girly which is kind of my style depending on what mood I’m in. I used to be a bit of a Tomboy so I used to like wearing trousers or leggings but recently I’ve become a bit more girly so more often than not I’m wearing a dress or a skirt, even when it’s cold because…’a hoe never gets cold – Cardi B’

Just gonna ignore the way she’s creasing her Jordan’s

Lastly, I like how she doesn’t let her body type stop her from wearing certain things, mainly because her body type isn’t the usual. She’s really small and petite yet she has big boobs and you would think that because of this she wouldn’t wear certain or always wear a bra but she works with her body instead of against it. Either way, bras are uncomfortable anyway so yeah. #FreethaNips

2.  @Sherlina Nym

The main reason I like Sherlina Nym is that she has the sexist shoe collection I’ve ever seen. Her trainer collection is so beautiful, so even though I like what she wears, the main thing that attracted me to her page is her shoe collection. Sometimes it even takes me a while to get finished her YouTube videos because I literally get depressed at the number of shoes she owns.

(And this is just Air Forces alone😢)

Her pictures on her Instagram page are always aesthetically pleasing. You can tell that she pays attention to detail with the way she matches her shoes, to her nails, to her bags. She’s another Instagram profile person who also wears a lot of colours,

e.g. she doesn’t just wear black tracksuits but focuses the outfit on a particular colour.

Even if she only buys joggers, for example, she’ll pair them with a jacket of the same colour to stick with that same colour scheme. I think shoes are the most important part of an outfit, your actual clothes might be banging or whatever but if your shoes are dead then it’s just a bit sad really. Your outfit just goes downhill from there.

Her YouTube shows her personality and her accent is really cute because she’s actually from Germany. She’s one of the few unique Instagrammers because I don’t think a lot of them focus on shoes, it’s more about clothes and make-up so her page is literally a breath of fresh air, it’s cool to see someone doing something different.

3. @Jess Ranger

I found Jess Ranger through following her best friend Jayde Pierce on Instagram, I follow both of them but in terms of fashion sense, I’m more likely to go to Jess’s page for inspo. She recently had a baby so most of her recent Instagram posts are her in maternity clothing but even then her outfits were still really cute. I like Jess mainly because I think that as an influencer or whatever she’s one of the more relatable ones. From what she shares on snapchat and Instagram she seems really real and honest, especially when it comes to sharing information and just interacting with her followers in general. Some of her clothing is kind of simple stuff I would wear either when I’m chilling at home or just wanna be comfy.

I think a lot of the clothes she wears are things I would wear when I’m a bit older or once I leave uni and want to do a whole wardrobe transformation. If I was looking for an outfit to wear on a night out to get drinks, or on a date, I would definitely go to her page for some ideas. I also like how she switches things up so sometimes you’ll see her wearing a suit or trousers with heels and sometimes she’ll wear a dress with heels.

Her Instagram page layout and aesthetic is nice and simple, she mentions how she likes the colour grey which is one of my favourite colours and you can see how that comes across with the way she edits her pictures. I also like her YouTube even though she doesn’t have a lot they’re actually really interesting for example her Moving Out video is really informative and helpful as her and her boyfriend explain the whole process which is a lot longer than I thought it would be.

4. @JadeLaurice

The main reason I like Jade is that she’s really unique and spontaneous, she’ll go from long hair to short hair, from blonde to green to bright pink and somehow it just works for her.  I’ve always wanted a henna tattoo and a sleeve which many people have frowned upon and made it seem like it’s a thing that only boys should have so she inspires me to just ignore that and get it anyways when I’m ready. She also is really talented with art, she has her own brand PocaLondon where she custom designs denim jackets and phone cases as well which is sold on Depop.

She knows how to work with bright colours which goes for her hair as well as her outfits and I like how she accessorizes. She doesn’t do too much but can make one accessory make the whole outfit come together.

One of the main things that draws me to Jade’s page is the fact that every so often she’ll post inspiring quotes and pictures which are all about empowering women and girls. Most of them are about how girls should be able to wear whatever we want, do whatever we want, follow our dreams stuff like that. I think that’s so important especially in this day and age where we as women and young girls are always comparing ourselves to the things we see on social media. Social media makes us think that we have to reach these crazy standards of beauty that are set by ‘Instagram models’ who most of the time are wearing hella makeup and have edited their pictures to the point where they probably don’t even recognise themselves. I think it’s good to see something positive on a platform where a lot of negativity can thrive.

5. Rihanna…

No explanation needed.

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