What Happened to Sundress Season?

When the sun starts shining and there’s a sudden increase in temperature its as if everyone’s energy automatically changes. Suddenly everyone’s wearing bright colours, legs that haven’t been shaved in months start showing under skirts and shorts, the white toenails and sliders make an appearance; and there’s always that one guy who has to push it by walking around topless

‘Sundress season’ is when the weather is hot enough for girls to wear maxi, midaxi or mini dresses. Long story short the weather is hot enough for girls to be skin out during the day.

However, last summer someone tweeted that sundress season was poor and that we replaced sundresses with Tour De France uniforms. What makes this funny is that this tweet came from a boy. What makes it even funnier is that these so-called ‘Tour De France uniforms’ are just cycling shorts. Now people are trying to cancel cycling shorts for 2019 but I have a strong feeling that they’re bound to make a reappearance.

I personally want to know what happened this summer because even I noticed the lack of sundresses, I think I only wore one once.

How did something as simple as ‘tight shorts’ take over a whole ‘season’?

The cycling shorts trend reached its peak in 2016 at the Spring/Summer Off-White fashion show. It was dedicated to Princess Diana; not Diana the Princess but Diana: the 1990s fashion icon. The final runway look was inspired by a paparazzi photo of her going to the gym.

Since that show, the cycling shorts trend blew up and the craziest thing is that it was such a small item of clothing, yet it made such a huge fashion statement. They’re literally the simplest item of clothing, pretty much leggings that have been cut into shorts. But they’re still mad comfortable and can be dressed up or down according to your own personal style.

Even Kim K is a fan of cycling shorts and has been photographed several times wearing them, each time they were styled differently, each time she looked good. But that doesn’t explain how something as simple as shorts replaced a whole so-called ‘season’.

From the Off-White show in September 2016 cycling shorts began to be sold in different high street stores including H&M and TopShop as well as online retailers such as BooHoo, Prettylittlething and Missguided. They even made an appearance in Yeezy Season 6 (although that could have something to do with the fact that Virgil Abloh and Kanye West are friends.)  These shorts became so popular that after a while it was almost impossible to find them anywhere because they were always sold out. It was easier to cut leggings into shorts, which is definitely a cheaper alternative, than struggle to find them in-store or online.

Social media made it very clear that cycling shorts were popping this summer; they still are to this day. I had to blink twice one morning on the way to uni when I saw someone wearing cycling shorts and a winter jacket, I was very confused. But that’s the thing with cycling shorts, they can be styled in so many different ways, therefore, can be worn on loads of different occasions.

Princess Diana unknowingly started this trend on the way to the gym. Now you can pair these shorts with flats, boots – ankle or thigh high (works both ways) – trainers and heels, you can wear them whilst you’re chilling at home, walking to buy groceries or on a night out. It all depends on how you style them. But one of the main perks of cycling shorts is that overall they’re so much more comfortable than dresses.

@lilmissfii__ & @dearra

Don’t get me wrong, I love dresses. They’re cute, they show off your legs, they give you options. You wanna be a bit risque? Calm, mini dress. Wanna look a bit more modest – Midi dress. Want a bit of both, wear a slit dress. However, one of the downsides to dresses – in particular, mini dresses – is that they love to rise up, every step you take they rise at least an inch. Half of your night is spent pulling down the dress instead of actually enjoying.

Let’s imagine, you’re going out with your girls either to the club, to get some drinks whatever. You picked your outfit a cute mini dress from PrettyLittleThing – when it came it actually looked like it did in the picture so you’re happy because for once they didn’t do you dirty and bump you. You pair your dress with some Ego Official Heels, a nice clutch filled with all your essentials – lipgloss, perfume, gum etc. Your face is beat, your hair is laid. Your girls have gassed your outfit already so there’s no going back and to top it off you’ve somehow gone through two glasses of Barefoot and a couple Tequila shots so you’re feeling yourself a bit more than you did prior to being tipsy.

You get to the club now and on top of having to make sure your hair and make up still looks cute, fighting off rude boys and old men who don’t know how to take no for answer and don’t understand the meaning of personal space, and also keeping an eye on your lightweight friend so that she doesn’t move too mad and embarrass herself….

On top of alllllll of that.

You have to worry about pulling your dress down even after the slightest movement because as nice and expensive as your Ann Summers/Victoria Secret underwear may be, not everyone in the club needs to know what it looks like.

I even recently came across a video of Chloe X Halle performing their song ‘Everywhere’ on James Corden’s Late Late Show. Even though their performance was sick and both their fits were beautiful, you could see that Chloe was more comfortable than Halle because every time they did their small small choreography, Halle would stop to pull her skirt down which was a lot shorter in comparison to Chloe’s. I know for a fact that had she been wearing cycling shorts she wouldn’t have had that issue.

At the end of the day, cycling shorts are just the more comfortable alternative and they’re so diverse in the ways you can wear them. You can move at ease, twerk to your favourite City Girls song, and also have enough movement just in case you need to kick a weird dude – in self defence of course.

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