Can We Stop With the Anime Slander Cos I’m Tired


This anime post has been in my drafts for so long but I’ve been seeing a bit of anime slander recently and I’m over it.

As you can see I have a bad habit of writing stuff that never leaves my drafts but its actually 2021 and some things gotta change.

I know there are people out there that give anime watchers a bad name and I’m not saying I’m an expert or anything, but I recently joined this club on Clubhouse, called Anime Otaku. At first I was like wtf is Otaku and then when my brother gave me the description I was like yeah sounds about right.

So apparently an Otaku is the level 2 of what it means to enjoy anime.

‘Otaku’s know their stuff, watch anime frequently, and maybe even own merchandise or cosplay’

1. I know what I’m talking about cos I’m writing this duh

2. I’m currently watching Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack on Titan, Naruto, Akudama Drive and I wanna start Promised Neverland soon

3. I also deffo have a dragon ball z cup and a Kid Buu phone case

So Like I said I’m no expert but I know a likkle sumn sumn.

The one thing I find funny is how people wanna chat shit about anime because some have like 900+ episodes, or because you have to read subtitles and then they make memes like this.

I just feel like babes if you’re not multi-talented like some of us that’s perfectly fine, that’s why dubbed is there.

These same people that wanna chat shit, happily watched an 8 season series that ran for 7 years, gassed it up, hyped it, said people that didn’t watch it were missing out, all for the last season to only have 6 episodes with such a dead ending it was almost traumatic.

And this is coming from someone who’s actively reading the books.

But yeah if someone was to tell me ‘I wanna start watching anime what should I watch?’ my answer would depend on the type of person you are.

There are so many different animes out there, I’ve deffo started some that other people recommended yet I found mad boring, so it really does depend on you as an individual and the type of anime you like.

Some of them are set in different worlds, some in the near future, some have backwards societies that need to be fixed and some are like fairytales.

For example, My Hero Academia is set in a world where 18% of the population develop a power (called a quirk). This power usually manifests when they’re in preschool . Some of them are not seen as good quirks but if you’re smart with it you can train and eventually become a hero.

I prefer Shounen anime which are marketed for teen boys between the age of 13-18. Even though the little highschool animes are cute and there are some anime films that will make grown men cry e.g. A Silent Voice, I’m tryna see people die and come back to life.

I feel like everyone should at least be a bit familiar with at least one of the old big three which is Bleach, Naruto and One Piece.

There’s hella debate surrounding Big Three’s all that but I’m not even gonna get into that.

My favourite growing up was Dragon Ball Z. I just remember watching it on TV with my dad and siblings and thinking it was a normal cartoon.

My favourite DBZ saga? Buu Saga.

My favourite characters? Trunks and Goten.

Favourite game? Obviously Budokai 3 on Playstation2.

My sister also got me into Sailor Moon which was aimed at young girls so was obviously more girly, but at one point they had all the episodes on Youtube so me and my sister would just binge watch them together.

Obviously because I was watching all these things in dubbed I didn’t know they were anime I just thought they were cartoons.

Now that I know better; anime ≠ cartoons. Don’t get it twisted I love cartoons and I don’t think I will ever outgrow them, but there’s just no correlation. However, some cartoons could pass as anime e.g. Avatar: The Last Airbender

I wouldn’t tell a beginner, to go and watch one of the big three straight away anyway especially if they’ve never watched them before because there are so many episodes, but if you know you know.

1. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online was one of the first anime’s I actually watched and the reason I liked it was because of the story. I just feel all manga writers really think outside the box in terms of overall concepts, and I really like animes with a little Black Mirror vibe.

Sword Art online however is kind of set in near future, a gamer plays an online game however, it’s a virtual reality where your conscious is transported into the game. Shit starts to hit the fan straight away when they end up getting trapped in the game and if a player dies in the game they die in real life too.

I feel like this is an alright anime for beginners but the first season is the best season, the second one was alright but after that it just got a little bit repetitive.

2. Hunter x Hunter

I finally watched Hunter x Hunter when I decided to grow the fuck up and not let 150 episodes scare me away. It deffo took me a year to finish which is really good for me because I don’t have the strongest attention span.

This is why I’m watching Naruto in dubbed because I just do not have the attention span to watch 500 episodes in Japanese. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to watch one piece, but I’m working my way up and I’m planning on watching Naruto Shippuden in Japanese anyway.

However, Hunter x Hunter is probably one of my favourite anime’s because the different arcs are just really well thought out and Killua is my son.

Despite the number of episodes, I actually watched this in Japanese and I will say that some episodes do drag because they’ll just be explaining shit, however, everything they explain is necessary and essential to the plot, it’s not really just waffle but it’s a bit hard to get through especially when you’re tired.

I feel like watching long anime’s is actually a commitment, so if you’re just starting I would recommened and nice little short anime like Akame ga Kill (netflix) which only has one season

Also I saw Megan Thee Stallion watching it on her snap the other day so, it’s already got the hot girl cosign.

3. Michiko To Hatchin

I feel like my female friends will actually enjoy Michiko to Hatchin the most especially if you’re not like me and aren’t gonna enjoy shounen anime. If you follow my other Instagram page @_bymoyo I actually post pictures of her a lot, she’s my desktop screensaver and that’s just because she’s my spirit animal and of course the reason why i enjoyed this anime so much is because of inclusion. It’s literally an anime about a black woman doing hot girl shit.

I found it when I was researching anime’s with black main characters because of course, there is a lack of diversity and inclusion within the industry so to be fair even though it was a short and sweet, and she did do a couple dumb problematic shit, it was still good overall.

4. Kimetsu No Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

So I think my favourite thing about this anime (Netflix) was the animation. It had a little bit of an old school vibe because the demon slayers look samurai’s but I feel like the way it is drawn and animated gives it a modern feel.

In anime you’re just gonna watch the characters go through trials and tribulations and some deaths are actually heartbreaking. However, they also end up making you feel sorry for the villain sometimes and they did this so well in Demon Slayer.

4. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul was a journey for me because I loved the first two seasons and then I just couldn’t get into the third one but when I finally finished it, I was like this is the sickest shit I’ve ever seen.

That’s the thing like anime actually blows my mind, especially because nowadays, TV series are hella mediocre especially when there’s nothing new out on Netflix.

I just like watching stuff that makes me think.

Another thing that Tokyo Ghoul made me love about anime, is that you don’t get a couple episodes to bake off before problems start.

Ken Kenaki was livin is his best life, reading his books and minding his business at the beginning of episode one, by the end of episode one his life was ruined.

However, Ken Kenaki went through one of the best character developments I’ve ever seen in my life. Honestly, it was superb.

Last but not least, for all you haters that have a lot to say about anime. Sit down and watch Attack on Titan, and then come and chat to me. Because that right there, is a beautiful body of work.

The last season is currently airing, and I am literally an emotional wreck despite the fact that I already know what’s gonna happen. At the end of season 3 I decided I couldn’t wait to find out what was next so had to read the manga and I read it from the beginning just so I could properly put shit together because when shit starts clicking…it really be clicking and it’s just beautiful.

The latest Attack on Titan episode literally broke the internet and even though people have complained about the new animation company, I feel like attack on Titan has the waviest animation style ever.

I deffo dunno what I’m gonna do with my life when it ends.

But all I know is it better end correct because my heart can’t take another disappointing season finale in this panoramic.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Asha says:

    It’s the GoT reference w/o mentioning GoT for me 😂 You mentioned great anime shows for beginners that seemed to cover every genre. I will definitely look into Michiko to Hatchin.


    1. xadeolax says:

      Omg thanks for such a lovely comment. X


  2. ospreyshire says:

    I hear you right there with people bashing anime. While I’m not as versed as it as I used to be, I still enjoy it. There is such a variety of shows and movies with different types of genres or stories. They can be action packed, funny, or even artsy which can be cool. I definitely noticed there’s more originality with shows such as Hikaru no Go, Yugo the Negotiator, or Mushi-shi to name a few. Also, some mainstream movies or series wouldn’t exist without some anime. Not just Battle Angel getting the live-action treatment, but how the Wachowskis were heavily influenced by Ghost in the Shell to create The Matrix, Darren Aronovsky buying the rights to Perfect Blue to recreate the “girl screaming in a bathtub” scene for Requiem for a Dream, or how Disney ripped off characters from the 60s anime Kimba the White Lion when they made The Lion King for crying out loud! I’ve gotten crap for liking anime which is bogus. Too bad those same people are so ignorant and misguided.

    Liked by 1 person

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