Megan, Thee Stallion and a chipped toenail🤷🏾‍♀️


As of late everyone’s been coming for Megan Thee Stallion.

They aren’t taking away from her talent or her immense sex appeal but moreso for her clothes, the chipped toenail and some people are even coming for her height.

I was confused as to why she was getting so much fame, attention and praise for her talent yet her clothing didn’t seem up to par with it. However, after reading her stylist’s Essence interview which I recently came across (even though it came out last month) I kind of understand how this whole styling thing works and it’s not as easy as I assumed it was.

One thing we have to take into account is that even though Megan has been working hard at her rap career for a few years now, she only just recently rose to fame, grew her fanbase and is now on XXL’s 2019 Freshman List. We can’t expect her to be as polished as other females who have been in the game for longer. Every artist has their bummy days before fame and even after. I feel like because of social media we often dehumanise celebrities forgetting that they’re actual people.

At the beginning of their career, Destiny’s Child’s outfits were handmade by Beyonce’s mother, Miss Tina Knowles, Miguel used to have a number 1 haircut and we all saw PartyNextDoor’s thické pics. This also applies to UK artists e.g. J Hus who literally used to call himself the ugliest and now that he’s up and famous, girls love him and I find it hard to call him ugly because he is but he’s not. At the end of the day artists are meant to have a before and after fame glo up. Remember when Cardi B had crooked teeth, not saying there was anything wrong but a lot of people had something to say so she got her money up and got her teeth fixed as a lot of celebs do.

In his interview her stylist Todd White was asked how it felt to now be getting hit up by bigger brands to work with and he said that no one was even hitting him up like that and he found it weird because Megan Thee Stallion is now a big name. I was annoyed that her first UK show was in XOYO because it’s not even a concert venue, it’s a night club and it’s mad annoying how a lot of American artists or their team underestimate the amount of fans they have in the UK.

Todd more or less put it down to clout; he’s probably not as known a name in the styling game therefore maybe brands don’t even know he’s who they should reach out to in terms of a fashion collab with Megan.

At the end of the day, I think we can more or less let the chipped toenail slide, it’s clear the bitch is busy and being under scrutiny all day everyday must be hard to deal with.

Lastly, those people that come for her “sexy” more “revealing” style and all women who like to wear clothes that show off their bodies, (mostly men and pick me’s’) should mind their business. What a woman chooses to wear shouldn’t concern anyone besides that woman, because it’s not and should never be anybody’s business.

I will always stan Megan because of how she empowers women. I think she makes men uncomfortable due to what she raps about but men have rapped about the same thing for years now. Besides if they’re uncomfortable than that really is a personal problem. Megan Thee Stallion is hella talented, beautiful and is representing for tall women, thick women, and women with natural bodies in a world where BBL’s are far too popular.

She’s needed in the rap game and she’s only going to improve and get better.

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